In MuWire you can choose to trust or distrust other MuWire users. You can subscribe to the contact lists of users you trust and see who they trust and distrust in turn.

Why trust other users

When you mark someone as trusted they get added to your MuWire contact list. You can then easily send them messages, chat with them, browse the files or collections they’re sharing.

In the MuWire options you can choose to allow only trusted connections. If you enable that option your MuWire node will only connect to the nodes of users that you have marked Trusted. Keep in mind that you haven’t marked anyone as Trusted you will not be able to connect to anyone!

Distrusting users

If for whatever reason you want to never see anything from a specific user (like search result or a message) you can mark them as Distrusted. They will not be able to interact with you in any way.

Deciding whom to trust

Be careful who you trust in an anonymous network!

There is no single right answer as to whether you should trust someone or not. Ideally you should interact with them somehow before making a decision. Exchange files, messages, or chat with them. People can change MuWire identities easily, and also multiple humans can be behind the same MuWire identity. Be mindful of what information you give out, and be respectful if others do not want to give you information about themselves.

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