Sidecar files

Sidecar files are text files that you can use to automatically add comments to your shared files. The sidecar files themselves are not shared, but their content is added as a comment to the corresponding shared file. If the searcher has not disabled searching in comments, any word present in a comment will trigger search results.


Notes about editing comments manually

If you are using sidecar files it’s best not to edit comments manually through the UI afterwards. If you want to change a comment, change it in the sidecar file and then re-share the sidecar file.

Deleting comments

If you want to completely remove the comment from a shared file you need to

  1. Delete the sidecar file
  2. Delete the comment through the UI

Without both of these steps the comment may re-appear after restart.

MuWire resolves all symlinks. If you use symlinks for your shared files or sidecar files, the final resolved path of the sidecar file and the shared file must be the same in order for the sidecar file to be processed.

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