Sharing files

MuWire is all about sharing information.

Initial Setup

There are several steps to sharing files with other users of MuWire:

1. Choose or create folders holding the shared files.

These can be anywhere on your computer. Local directories may be better than network drives because the system facility for ‘watching’ changes to a file is not automatic for networked drives. You can set an option to use periodic checks by MuWire instead.

2. Tell MuWire about the folders and files

You do this in the Library view by dragging and dropping folders and files into the upper panel.

Alt text

3. Optionally add comments

You can add comments to your shared files explaining what they are. These comments will appear to a searcher if they right-click on a discovered file and select “View Details”. You do this by adding a Sidecar File or directly in the user interface by clicking the “Add comment” button.

4. Optionally add a certificate

When you certify a file, you create a proof that you shared this file. Even if you later delete the certificate, others may already have it so think carefully about whether you want to do this.

5. Optionally group into collections

A collection is an optional logical grouping of files that exists independently from the shared directories layout. It is merely another organizing tool. To create a collection, first share some files, then right-click on those files which you wish to include in the collection, and under “Other Actions” choose “Create Collection”.

The collection is hierarchical and will try to find a common ancestor of the shared files. Below that common ancestor the structure of the collection mimics what’s on the filesystem.

The “Review” step is there to see exactly what the hierarchy looks like.

6. Optionally create a feed

While any MuWire user can browse your shared files or locate them using Search, you can choose to publish a feed of new files. Other MuWire users can then subscribe to this feed and be automatically informed of additions you make.

7. Restrict access

Starting in MuWire version 0.8.13 it will be possible to restrict which users can see which files are inside a folder.

Monitoring downloads

Of course you will want to know if anybody has been interested in what you have shared.


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