File Feeds

With MuWire you can publish the files you share to your personal feed, and subscribe to the feeds of other users. You can configure each individual feed separately, for example to download all files published by someone else. This is very similar to following someone on a social network.

Here is a video demonstrating the Feeds functionality:

Personal feed options:

Each subscription to someone else’s feed can be configured the following way:

Note about unpublishing

You can un-publish a file from your personal feed. Anyone who is subscribed to your feed and has not yet seen the file you unpublish will not see it in their list. However, if they have already seen the file you unpublish, it will not be removed from their list.

If you unshare a file you’ve published it is similar - anyone who is subscribed to your feed and has already seen the file will continue to see it. They will not be able to download it though.

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