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MuWire is an anonymous file-sharing program. You can share, search and download files of any type. For more information, see About MuWire

MuWire is completely free and open source. There are no bundled ads or offers of any kind.


Running MuWire

The first time you start MuWire it takes a few minutes to connect. MuWire uses the I2P network to provide anonymity. Connecting to I2P for the first time can take a while.

The first time you run MuWire it will ask you to choose a nickname. That nickname is combined with a cryptographically strong I2P address and forms your unique identity on MuWire. For more info see MuWire Nicknames.


Search by keyword or file hash

You can search by keywords or by file hash. All keywords have to match for a result to be returned. If want to share or find a specific file you can use the hash to make sure it is the right one. You can also use Search Phrases.

Comments and Collections

You can add comments to your shared files with MuWire or by using Sidecar Files.
When someone searches for a keyword that is present in a comment, they will see a search result for that file.
You can group several files together into a Collection.

File Feeds

You can publish your shared files to your personal feed, and subscribe to the feeds of other users. This is similar to following someone on a social network. For more info see File Feeds.

Messages And Chat

You can communicate with other MuWire users anonymously. For more information, see MuWire Communications.

File Certificates

You can issue a certificate for a file you share to prove to others that you have the file. For more info see File Certificates

Web of Trust

You can choose to trust or distrust other MuWire users, and see who they trust and distrust in turn. For more information see Trust In MuWire.

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